Dry Eyes

Treatment initially begins with artificial lubricants that are best used on a scheduled basis and not just as a response to symptoms. More severe cases may require night gels or the use of non-preservative artificial tears every hour or two during the day. Available also is punctal occlusion which allows the patient’s own tears to remain in the eye for longer periods of time. Tears made from the patient’s blood serum can be utilized as well. Prescription products that encourage the eyes to produce more tears have shown great promise in some patients. (I.e. Restasis, Xidra). In the future, oral medication that encourages tear production will be available.

My eyes don’t feel dry, but I have to blink to clear the vision when I read or watch tv for a long time.

Dry eye syndrome can cause blurry vision, just like running out of windshield wiper fluid on your car.

My eyes burn and sting and feel dry.  There are so many products in the Eye Care section of the store!  What do I use?

There are artificial tears, gels, and ointments that may help.  These help when used on a regular basis.  We will recommend options for you based on your eye exam

I’ve tried everything in the Eye Care section of the store and still have no relief.

Inflammation of the eyelids can be triggered by underlying medical conditions, including allergies, autoimmune disease (rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogrens, Lupus, etc).  Sometimes prescription medications are needed to help treat the root cause.

If you have tried tears, and the eyes are still dry and burning, what can I try?

Punctal plugs help people who have low levels of tear production.  The tears that are made bathe the surface of the eye longer.  We will check to see if you are a candidate.

I’m already using lid scrubs and tears and my eyes are still red and crusty.  What else can I try?

BlephEx is an office procedure which can help sustain comfort for longer periods of time.  This treatment for blepharitis can reduce inflammation and soothe the eyes.  The quality of the vision can improve as well.

My eyes feel so much better and my vision improved after BlephEx.  How often do I need to get this treatment?

Everyone is different in the severity of the blepharitis and their need for treatment.  Some people only need it annually, but others benefit from treatments a few times a year.

Can allergy medicines cause dry eye?

It is possible to overdo it with the plethora of allergy medications that are available over the counter.  We will examine your eyes and tailor eye drops or treatments to your condition.

I am allergic to cats, but I cannot give Fluffy up for adoption.  What can I do to help my tearing, watering, and blurry vision?

We will examine your eyes and recommend options for you based on our findings – including eyedrops or systemic medications.  Some people ultimately need to check with an allergist for a higher level of care.

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